Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy B-Day Michael Jackson

   For those of you that personally know me, or have seen my youtube videos, you guys know that I was and still am a huge fan of Michael Jackson. If you didn't know...well now you know  that about me. :] See, you learn something new everyday!

     Most of you might know that today was his Birthday. Eventhough he passed away I just wanted to take a moment and say Happy Birthday to the King of Pop. He was an incredible artist, and for most of us he will always live in our hearts. Also I wanted to say RIP to DJ AM who died yesterda. I was also a big fan of his. I think he was a super cool DJ.


Hello my lovely friends!
I hope all of you are all having a stellar weekend! As for myself, I had school today on a Saturday. It's only one class, but it's from 9am til 3pm, so it goes for hours. No complaining on my part though. Haha. After school we (Paris & I) went to Starbucks and chilled there for a while, and then we came to relax :)

Well anyways, it's still super HOT here, and it's icky! I really want it to be fall/winter already. I hope all of you guys enjoy your weekend, and take care! Thank you for all the love, you guys are amazing!



Busy with School

Hey guys!
So, i know I said I was going to be blogging at least every other day or so, but there's so much that's been going on, especially with school and all. I've been so busy, I havent had time to write, but I promise you, tomorrow I will definitely do 2 postings, and post some pictures up on here as well.
Although I've been super busy with school, I'm really liking this semester, so far it's been good, and the classes are good as well. Second week in, and I already have a ton of homework, and then school tomorrow. Yes, school on a saturday, what a drag I know, but its a fun class, so I don't complain too much, ad my sister is in it, so it makes it a lot better! Well I have to be up super early tomorrow, and I just wanted to say hi to all of! Goodnight, and I hope all of you had a lovely week.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Monday

So today was back to school. The second week of going back, and starting the Fall 09 semester. Today was pretty laid back, I just had one class today, which was Math, so I didn't have a hectic schedule today, and I actually like that class too. After school, I went to Starbucks with my sister Paris, and then we went to the mall to shop. Got some new things, which made me happy because I love buying clothes and stuff:] So, today was basically a spectacular day!!

This is my outloook on being happy, and staying happpy, If you have a positive attitude and be happy and smile throughout the day, your bound to have a good day, and good things will come to you. That's how I see it,if you get bummed out for little things, then that ruins your day, so you shouldn't do that, don't sweat the little things or if you make a mistake don't worry to much. Be happy that your alive it's a blessing to be breathing and living each day we are given, so make the best of it!! Life is so beautiful to be sad or mad. I hope all of you had a wonderful Monday.

The image is of me today at school.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekends Over

So the weekend is over. I feel like it was a short but fun weekend, since I had school on Saturday, but I still enjoyed it, and did some enjoyable stuff. Now back to school tomorrow, I just got done picking out my outfit for school,getting my stuff in place like my bag and books, and now I'm about to blow dry my hair. I like picking out my clothesthe day before because it saves up time in the morning and I don't have to stress out on where my clothes are at in case I'm running late.I'll be posting a video on youtube tomorrow about my outfit so check it out, and I hope all of you guys enjoyed your weekend as well. Goodnight!

Social Vibe

Hi everyone!
Happy Sunday! Hope all of you have a wonderful day!
Just wanted to post this really quick about social vibe. It's a website that has many different causes & sponsors, and if you make an account you choose the cause you want to help raise money for, by earning points. When you earn a lot of points you get rewarded with little items such as the pink ball. Getting free things is cool, but mainly this website is great because you get to help out causes. As for myself I am helping raise money for Peta!



Hey Everyone!
So I haven't been blogging for a while so I decided I needed to start again, I just have been super busy with school, but I promise I will try and blog at least once a week or maybe more. Well for now I posted a lot of new things so I hope you guys like them. If you guys have anything you want to know, or would want me to write about a specific subject feel free to let me know. I hope all of you have a spectacular weekend, and be safe.

Bella & Gypsy

I'm such an animal lover, as well as an animal activist.I treat my pets like if they were my own kids, even though I dont have kids, my pets are my little kids. This here is Gypsy and I love her to death.

Do you have nay pets??

My first fashion haul

As you guys know, I absolutely love fashion, clothes, accesories, and everything thta has to do with fashion. I was getting a lot of requests  to do a fashion haul, so here it is.

class time with Paris & Bella

School is important, education is essential!  for some inspiration to go to school, well not really but school is definitely important.

Back to School Look

Here's the outfit I wore for the first day back to school :]

Bella & paris in class

Here's Paris, and I in class. This is the first day back to school.


Back to School

Hey guys!
So this week was back to school week. The start of Fall 09 semester. It was pretty hectic since it was the first week and there were a lot of people trying to enroll into the classes and stuff, but overall i liked it, and am very happy with my classes. I'm on the newspaper this semester, so I am very excited about that.