Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hectic week

Hey lovelies!

how's everyone doing? Yay, it's Thursday,the weekend is almost here! Well for me, the weekend starts today, since I just have school Monday-Thursday like all day. So I'm happy that I get to relax yay! This week was good. Started my yoga class which was cool, then all my other classes are chill. My favorite class though is Newspaper. We finally got our story to write for the first issue of this semester. I'm really stoked about that! Anyways, how was your guys' week? Anyone do anything special? Or how's school or work?? Comment me, ill love to hear what you guys did!! Thanks to everyone for all the emails and feedback! I love you guys! I will definitely try to blog more and more, I've just been super busy with school, and homework and all that, but no worries, I will always try to keep all of you updated on my life or do a review on something! Oh and another thing, I dont know how to approve people on here, so if someone can help me or let me know how to do it, that'll be great, thanks :]