Monday, September 28, 2009

It's a new week!! Happy Monday! :]

Hello Lovelies!
      Happy Monday to all of you, hope you all had a good day, and started it off great for an amazing week ahead of us! I think every new week, or every new day is amazing, and we should make the best of it!! :]
     Well today I had no school! So I was happy about that. I had a great four day weekend. Just relaxed, spend it with family, and went shopping!! :] Today it was pretty laid back, just chilled and relaxed, baked some blueberry muffins, which were very yummy. I love baking especially when its a cold chilly day out. Then I went to Starbucks with my sis, mommy, and my pups. Came back and watched a movie and relaxed at home. After day we went shopping, and now I'm at home, getting my outfit ready for tomorrow :] I always put together my outfit the day before.  Oh and tonight at 10, my favorite show comes on. Rachel Zoe! Yay for that. School tomorow, starting it off with an early Yoga class, then come home, and shower and change, then back to school for my Newspaper class, probably staying there all day if I have a lot to do, don't know yet. Til tomorrow! :]

 I hope all of you had a splendid day, and I will be doing some videos this week so keep an eye out on youtube, and I will for sure be blogging more!

Love ya