Friday, September 25, 2009

Semi-Fall Outifits

Hello Lovelies,
So I hope all of you are hvaing a stellar week!!
It's been an amazing week for me, I'm loving my life, I'm so blessed and truely cherish every moment of it!
Don't ever take things for granted, appreciate them, sometimes people don't value what they have until it's gone which is such a pity.

Here's my outfit I'm wearing some little grey Calvin Klein bootsies, and they are suede, I am wearing a grey tee, and black skinnie jeans. For my purse I'm wearing my big black Arcadia bag. As for accessories I'm wearing silver hoops,a long silver owl necklace, black & grey bangles, and a black with little rhinestones ring. My hair I'm wearinig it down, with two braids tied on the back. I love my outfit, it's really cute, and very fancy, and sheak. I love wearing little bootsies.

This is another outfit I wore and wanted to share with you lovelies. It's a semi-fall outfit, and I call it this because i'm wearing long brown boots, and a brown long shirt, and some dark blue skinnie jeans. For accessoires I'm not wearing a necklace because my earrings are big and have a lot of detail. I think with a necklace it would over power the earring and there would be to much going on. My earrings are gold with peacock feathers. Peacocks are one of my favorite animals. I love their feathes they are gorgeous! I'm also wearing a greenish-teal and gold bracelet, and it has peacock feathers too. I'm wearing a beige flower ring on my right hand as well. For my bag, I'm wearing a beige and gold jessica simpson purse. Love this outfit, it's so classical and sheak, and looks super cute and stylish.

So here are some semi-fall outfits!! :]
Everyone have a pretty Friday!!