Sunday, September 20, 2009

What gets me.......

going on a busy day, on a cloudy day, on a sunny day, on any day....this is what gets me going and keeps me filled with energy!
Coffee is my ultimate favorite thing to drink, I pretty much have to have a Starbucks everyday, sometimes even twice a day! I just love it! People know I love it so much that they jokingly say I should get sponsored by them, or even get paid to drink it!
Magazines are another one of my favorites....mostly fashion magazines,such as Vogue, Elle, Seventeen, and similar ones, I carry one in my purse, and the book I'm currently ready, just to have when I get bored or have spare time on my hands. I love reading, I'm a book worm, lol.

This right here is pretty much where I'm always at. Doing homework, blogging, checking my emails, myspace, twitter, facebook, anything. My laptop is the best thing, couldn't live without it, that or my celly! 

what keeps you going?