Sunday, October 4, 2009

Some fun!!

Hello darlings!
So  I hope all of you are enjoying your weekend! This week was a really good one for me because I didn't have school on Mn & Wed so it was a short week. It was fun, so of the things I did this week were: went shopping, went to lunch with my mommy and sister to Panera, went to a Halloween B-day party, and had movie night.

I want to share my outfit from Thursday with you guys. I'm wearing a cream colored tank top, with a gold zipper in front, some dark denim with gold stitching, my blue Juicy Couture flats, my blue and brown juicy Couture Purse, and I'm wearing gold accessories. For my hair I'm wearing it down with curls at the end. I have a video up on youtube, so check that out for a better description and a better look of my cute classy outfit :]

This day we went to Panera, i love the food here it's delicious!! We're wearing the same creme colored tank tops. We basically have everything the same, since we always shop together and have the same taste in fashion. Here's what I had there.


This is a sandwich with a side of broccoli soup(one of my fave soups) some bread for the soup, and potato chips.

To drink I had an iced chi tea latte, which is so good, I love the one from here and from Starbucks too!

For some sweets, I had the double chocolate chunk w/macadamia nuts cookie. Mmmmm! Everything there is so good, I recommend going to eat there :]

On Saturday I started off my day going shopping with my beloved mother & sister. Then we went home and got ready to go to a friend's Halloween B-Day party, which was really cute and fun as well. Here's what I wore.
A lacy creme shirt, which is really cute, and fun and girly. I wore skinny jeans, and my Juicy Couture flats & purse. I absolutely adore Juicy Couture, by far one of my favorite brands out there. I paired this with gold accessories, and for my hair I'm just wearing it down and straight.

 Tomorrow is Sunday, so I'm probably just going to relax with the family or something like that. Hope you guys have a pretty Sunday!! Comment me && tell me what you did this weekend!!