Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Eco-Friendly fashion Trends

I love fashion and I know many of you are also very interested in fashion as well. I've been noticing a lot of new trends in the fashion industry that are helping the environment which is great, so I decided to more research and try to persuade/inform others to be fashionable and help the environment at the same time.

Be stylish and eco-friendly at the same time.

Fashion is moving forward not only by coming out with new style trends but by using fabrics to make the environment a greener and better place.

Eco-friendly fashion is becoming a big trend and like most trends people tend to become a part of that new it thing.

There are new eco-friendly clothing styles introduced all the time and each one varies depending on the season or style that a person prefers.

These new eco-friendly trends include new fibers that are being used for clothing. As well as new items being recycled and made into clothing. These fibers are being used on clothes, bags, and accessories.

Clothing that eliminates the need for toxic chemicals such as clothing with a built-in SPF that makes sun block unnecessary is already becoming a big trend in the fashion industry.

One way people can start to dress fashionably and eco-friendly is by wearing organic clothes. Organic clothing never goes out of style, and it's becoming available in more clothing stores every season. Organic clothing can be found at most retail stores and online too.

Using faux fur is another way to contribute to an eco-friendly fashion lifestyle. It can also be adorned with anything from boots, coats, scarves, and even hats. Faux fur is beautiful and as luxurious as the real thing.

Besides faux fur, another faux fashion trend is wearing faux leather. Most faux leather is very inexpensive and similar to faux fur it is stunning and luxurious as the real thing. Wearing faux leather or fur helps contribute to the environment and it helps protect animals from becoming extinct.

Eco-friendly clothing is rapidly becoming a new trend as people look to start buying products that are good for the environment as well as looking good.

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion has to do with ideas, individuality, the way we live and no how we can help contribute to an eco-friendly environment.

These are a couple of things people can start doing to help the environment and getting involved with the uprising eco-friendly fashion trends.

1.) Buy only what you will wear.

2.) Recycle the clothes you don’t wear. You can donate them to places, or even give them to your friends.

3.) Re-purpose your current clothes. Don't just wear things once. Re-use them, and just accessorize them differently.

4.) When buying new clothes, for yourself or for others, consider Eco Friendly and organic clothing.

Sustainable clothing is becoming easier to find on the internet, and stores are starting to carry it as well. Some local stores that carry some of these products are Gap, American Apparel, Levis, Nike, and eagle Creek.
Eco-friendly fashion trends are becoming very popular, and not only do they look good to wear, they are good for the environment.