Monday, November 9, 2009


I know I am a little late on this, but better late then never right??
So, how was everyone's Halloween?? I hope all of you had a great one. Here are some pictures of my costume. I was getting a lot of e-mails of when I would be posting them so here they are!

So this year I decided to be a ring leader for Halloween. I loved my costume, and it was unique because I actually created it, and put everything together.

Paris, my sister, was Tinkerbell, she made her own costume. She desgned it and all. Isn't it cute??

Well I hope all of you had a lovely Halloween. I will try to blog more often, I've just been busy with school, since this semeseter is almost over, and writing for two different newspapers has been a lt of work as well. I love it though.
Next up is Thanksgiving, which is one of my favorte holidays! What are your plans?? Let me know, emails, or comments. Also anything you guys want to request, feel free to do so. I've been trying to reply to all of your e-mails, and if I haven't yet I will soon. Don't worry I never forget about you lovelies.