Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Ok so I've been seeing that there are a lot of up and coming bloggers and bloggers that have been blogging for quite some time, and that's good that your blogging and all but I really think every blogger should have their own unique style.
Blog about what you like, not what you see others blogging about!
Immitation is suicide. I mean it is flattering to see that you like my posts and my ideas but DO NOT COPY ME!!
I absolutely hate when people see something and go copy it and try and do it the same way.
I am a writer and as a writer I have my own style of how I express myself and how I say things and the way I put things together. Everyone has a style and it's so obvious when you go and copy some else's.
I just feel the need to post something like this because it's getting very frustraing seeing others do things the same way I am!
Well anyways this goes to all of those that have been visiting my blog site and jotting down ideas or stealing my pics and my quotes from my page!! LOL
It's such a petty!!!