Monday, December 28, 2009

Duct tape my heart, please?

Hey Lovelies!
Happy Monday!!! Three more days until new years!! Can you guys believe we are starting yet another new year. Crazy huh?? I feel like his year went by pretty fast but it was a great one and I enjoyed it a lot. I hope all of you guys enjoyed 09 and are looking foward to start off 2010!
2010 shall be a hit!!!
So here is my outfit of the day for today.

I am wearing a black hoodie with angel wings on the back, I got this hoodie at No Fear, and I am wearing a black shirt underneath. For the bottom I am wearing a black semi-bleached (which is the style of it) skirt form Bebe. I am also wearing leggings and leg warmers, and for shoes I am wearing my black Juicy Couture boots. For accesories I'm wearing silver since the wings on the hoodie are silver, and my purse is also black :]

I hope all of you have a fab week!!
Much love and blessings to you all.

Are you excited for the new year?