Monday, December 21, 2009

Hot Trends of 2009

Fashion this year was a lot of mishmash, rocker, bohemian chic. It also icluded a lot of  playful, colorful, and above all feminine styles and trends. Another big trend for 2009 was the pinup look.
A lot bright colors and patterns were also worn, and all clothes were adorned with chucky bracelets and extravagant accesories as well as big round or squared glasses. For shoes ballerina flats, roman sandals, tigh high boots, bohemian boots, and chunky or tall heels were seen everywhere.
For dresse short poofy dressese were worn a lot. Bows and ribbons and lace were also seen on a lot of different clothing.
The sailor/military type of look was also very big. Military blazers and shirts were seen a lot.

An everyday look was just a plain shirt with ripped or bleached denim (the boyfriend jeans were also a big hit)a big purse worn with either heels or flats.
Leather and fur were also huge hits.
Everything that was big seem to be the chaos in 09. Big purses, big heels, big shoulders as in sharp shoulder sleeves, big oversized shirts and jeans. you get the picture.

Fashion tends to repeat itself, things from the 70's as well as the 80's era were brought back. Vintage is always in. No matter what is in just be yourself and wear what you like, feel comfortable wearing and most importantly wear what shows off YOU and your PERSONALITY!

What do you think will be a hot trend in 2010???