Monday, December 21, 2009

Hippie Love

My favorite thing to wear are headbands. I think that they add an extra UMPF to your onsomble. They make your outfit stand out more and it's just an extra accesory to wear and I mean who doesn't love accesories.
I think an accesory can either make or break your outfit. Sometimes wearing a lot makes your outfit look to crowded and over accesorized but whennyour wearing something simple like a black dress and you add some accesories it adds an extra touch to your outfit.
Headbands are great to make your outfit more sheak and classy. I love wearing big headbands with bows and feathers and flowers, but this post I am dedicating it to forehead headbands.
What is a forehead headband you are asking??
It is a headband, mainly composes of some sort of elastic so that you can stretch it and put it around your forehead, hence the name, forehead headbamd.
These types of headbands are good to wear with any type of hair style. With your hair down, up in a pony tail, a side ponytail or even with a bun. They are also great to wear at any time, day or night and with any weather or season.
Here are a few pictures of myself and how I wore mine. I am obsessed with them.

They come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and with different things on them such as diamonds, flowers, feathers, bows, etc.
The style to them is very hippie and bohemian.

In the summer time I wore them a lot. I even wore them to the beach. Perfect way to keep your hair out of your face, and not to worry they don't leave a sun spot on your forehead.

Here are a few picture of celebrites who also rocked their hippie forehead headbands.

What is your favorite accesory???