Thursday, December 3, 2009


Hey lovelies!
So I've been getting a lot of e-mails that I should explain what I do, and why I am going to school, and what my future plans are. So here we go.
 Well I'm attending college to major in Journalism. Next year in the Fall I will be transferring! :] Here are some pictures that describe what I like and things I've done related to my career field!

USC Annenberg
Visiting the campus & attended different Journalism workshops.

JACC at Fullerton
Journalism Conference with workshops and competitions, and visited the campus as well!
Staff group picture in the middle, and on the far left is the newspaper adviser, who is also one of my favorite teachers.

Governing Board Meeting at school
A lot of issues where discussed! These meetings are held usually once a month, and the school board talks and discusses issues that are ocuring!

Well I hope you guys learned a little more about myself, if you hae any questions, feel free to ask, and keep those e-mails coming!