Monday, December 14, 2009

MTV's Jersey Shore

Have you seen the new most talked about controversial show yet??
I am talking about MTV's Jersey Shore.

It's a bit similar to the Real World except the people in it are from New York & New Jersey and they are Guidos (the boys) and Guidettes (the girls).
If you don't know what a Guido or a Guidette is, they are people from NY or NJ and like most people take care of their appearance. They tan and most are Italian.

The guys love spikey hair with a lot of gel and working out like crazy to have the best body with the biggest muscles. The girls on the other hand, love make-up, fake nails, hair extensions, short shorts, and hot clothes. Both love to party to fullest have fun and of course fist pumping, which is just throwing your fist up in the air and moving them to the beat of the music.
The show is cool, I personally enjoy watching and think that all of the cast members are funny and put on a good show.
If you have not watched it yet it's on MTV and it's on every Thursday at night!
Watch it, and let me know what you think of it, or if you already watch it, what's your opinion on it?