Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ohh Rapunzel!!

Braids are beautiful. It's like a type of art in your hair. So many braids to choose from varying from the style to the size. I adore braids and they make your hair look pretty. Adding a braid to you hair adds a hint of elegance.

Here are a few pictures of some different type of braids styles I have done on my hair. These aren't the only ones I do, but here these pics of simple yet pretty braids.

two braids along the crown of my hair, and pulled back.

Loose braids on the side

A braid like a headband

Braids have been very trendy this year, here are a few pictures of Celebs with braids!


 Braids can be done any where on your hair and any side!! So get your braid on :]