Monday, December 21, 2009

Pretty in red

Hey Lovelies!
So I really thought I had already blogged about my outfit for my last day of school, and I went back to look for it, and guess what?? I couldn't fin it! So that means it never actually posted on here, but nevetheless here it is now!
So the last day of school I was really excited because the Fall Semester is now over, time for a well deserved break.

Here's what I wore, a red dress and I paired it with some tights. Since it was a bit chilly I wore my black coat. I paired it with a black bag, gold accesories, and a black headband. I decided to wear flats but some heels would have also looked good.
I love wearing tights with dresses especially during the Fall and Winter time.

You can wear different colored tights with different types of dresses, such as spaghetti strap dresses, halter top, strapless any time or any color of dress.
When wearing tights with dresses you can wear flats, boots, or heels. Depending on your style, just mix and match, have fun and never be scared to be BOLD and stand OUT of the crowd.

How do you rock your tights???