Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Teen Vogue Handbook

This is one of my favorite books, I got it a while back probably like a month ago when it barely came out.
I got it at Borders and it was $40.

It's a really good investment  tho because it gives you a lot of tips & tricks.
If you want a career that has to do with fashion, meaning a designer, a stylist, journalist or even a photographer, this book has a lot of good information. It also tells you how Anna Wintour the editor of Vogue started, other editors are also included in the book.
I highly recommend it if you want a career in the fashion world.

If you decide to get it let me know. I got it at Borders but they sell it at other bookstores as well so go buy it!!
Tell me if you get it && if you liked it or not