Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tights with leg warmers and boots

One of my favorite things to pair up are tights and leg warmers. I love wearing either one but when you pair them together it adds an extra UMPF to your outfit.
You can wear different colored tights with different colored leg warmers just mix & match the colors, and you can either wear a skirt or shorts. If you don't want to wear boots, go ahead and wear flats or even high heels, whatever you choose & what you like and feel comfortable wearing. Remember there are no rules to fashion. You make your own fashion statement! Your fashion sense shows off your unique personality and creativeness.

Here I am wearing a denim skirt with brown tights that have a zigzagged design on them and on top of that I am wearing brown leg warmers. For shoes I am wearing my Juicy Couture boot.

For the top I am wearing my pink Juicy Couture Hoodie with a beige shirt. For accesories I am wearing gold. My necklace is a long gold one with a mirror pendant, I am wearing gold earrings and a big beige flower ring.

Here's a look of my whole outfit :] For my Purse I am wearing my brown Ezekiel bag.

What is yor favorite thing to match up and wear together??