Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wide Bottom Pants

Wide-Bottom Pants are back! They have been here since the 70's and are now making a comeback!
They are pretty and comfortable and go well with everything!
Here's how I wore them.
I wore my Chip & Pepper wide bottom pants with a black long sleeve shirt and a prupe fur vest.
For accesories I wore a gold  & black dove necklace, a black rose ring, black & gold earrings & braclets.

Here are a few of the celebrities that are wearing Wide-Bottom Pants.

Rachel Zoe, Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez and many more!

Like any clothing piece that contains fur, it can either be faux fur or real fur, and the colors as well as shapesand style vary. Here's a look at what other type of fur vest there are out there.

Here's a closer look at my purple fur vest!!

For the fur vest here are pictures of celebrities that are also wearing fur vest and the different ways you can wear it! They keep you warm and are really comfy and they are sure to make a fashion statement and catch attention :]

Do you have a fur vest?? If so, how do you wear it!! :]
Let me know!! Share your favorite pieces to wear for the winter time!!