Sunday, December 13, 2009

Winter Wonderland Bunny

Hello Lovelies!
How are you darlings??
I'm sorry that I haven't blogged since Wednesday! I've been busy with school since tomorrow and Tuesday are my last days. Ending school with Finals, so I have been studying and doing some final projects, like my Journalism portfolio, which I am very proud with the finish project. I'm thinking of takings pics or doing a video to show you guys what my portfolio is composed of and some tips on what makes a portfolio good :]
Anyways here is an outfit of the day!:]

It was a chilly day out, so I wore a Bebe black scarf, a purple big fluffy jacket with black fur on it, and some black jeans, and for shoes I wore black boots. My hair is down with curls at the bottom and although you can't see it very well on the pictures, I am wearing a black feathered headband. I love headbands and bows. Accesories for you hair are my favorite. I also have on some gold earrings and no necklace since I am wearing a scarf :]

Here I am with some Starbucks! Typical Bella drink! lol.
What I am having here was a Caramel Brulee Fappucino. It's basically my fave drink right now :]

Tomorrow is Monday, and I have a Math Final early in the morning! I know most of you are finishing up your fall semester or quarter of school, so Good Luck to you all and hope you do good on everything!!
Another blog will be up tomorrow, and Tuesday too so stay tuned!

Love ya