Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ringing in 2010

I hope you all have a very stylish, glamourous and blessing new year!
Wishing you all a Happy New Year's Eve! Hope you all have fun and enjoy it! :]
I'm so excited for 2010, I have a lot of goals I have set for myself that I know I will achieve this year! :] I'm ready for a new year, a fresh start!!
This year for 2010, I am striving for the best & taking nothing less. I am no longer letting the small things get to me. I am standing up for who I am & what I believe♥
I hope you all are looking foward to 2010, and remember to always think positive and never doubt yourself!!
May 2010 be a hit for all of you.

What are you looking foward to 2010 most???

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Alexander McQueen is Epic

He is a designer and is known for his outrageous pieces and how he puts his fashion shows! He truly is an artist, he has such amazing work. His designs are one of a kind and so chic and elegant!

 Alexander McQueen's accomplishments include being one of the youngest designers to achieve the title "British Designer of the Year".
He has also been awarded the CBE, as well as being named International Designer of the Year at the Council of Fashion Designer Awards. In December 2000 a partnership was created for McQueen with Gucci Group acquiring 51% of the company, and McQueen serving as Creative Director. Plans for expansion and with the patrnership cameopening of stores in London, Milan, and New York, and the launch of his perfumes Kingdom, and more recently My Queen.

In his fashion shows he creates a dramatic look but yet his pieces are very couture. Hi models have
ghastly white faces, super plumped lips, lampshades on their heads and different things making his designs pop out more and become nothing less than ordinary.Once you get past the over the top makeup and styling of the models you will find a great deal of the line to be wearable.

I absolutely love his sense of style!!

Do you have any favorite designers or brands?

Monday, December 28, 2009

All that sparkle

Berets are my favorite thing to wear! What is a beret your asking??  Their hats like little beanies but cuter!! They are stretchy and can be worn how ever you want. With your hair up or down covering your forehead or not! They are so chic and make any outfit look cute. I especially love the sequinned berets, they are killer! I love them ! I love wearing them with a plain outfit, not to much on what your wearing because then it looks too much with the sequince and the stuff on your shirt. So just keep it simple like how I am wearing it down below. I love them I have like so many colors and patterns, I'll put more pics up later!!

Here are a few celebs rocking there berets. These were a huge hit this year.

How do you wear your beret?

Duct tape my heart, please?

Hey Lovelies!
Happy Monday!!! Three more days until new years!! Can you guys believe we are starting yet another new year. Crazy huh?? I feel like his year went by pretty fast but it was a great one and I enjoyed it a lot. I hope all of you guys enjoyed 09 and are looking foward to start off 2010!
2010 shall be a hit!!!
So here is my outfit of the day for today.

I am wearing a black hoodie with angel wings on the back, I got this hoodie at No Fear, and I am wearing a black shirt underneath. For the bottom I am wearing a black semi-bleached (which is the style of it) skirt form Bebe. I am also wearing leggings and leg warmers, and for shoes I am wearing my black Juicy Couture boots. For accesories I'm wearing silver since the wings on the hoodie are silver, and my purse is also black :]

I hope all of you have a fab week!!
Much love and blessings to you all.

Are you excited for the new year?

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ready for 2010

So theirs only four days left until NEW YEARS!
I'm so excited for 2010! I have a feeling 2010 will be such a good year for everyone!! Time to start new beginnings and do things that you have set your mind to do!! :]
Yay for 2010!!
What are your New Year's Resolutions???
Share with me, and I share mine with you :]
Hope your all enjoying your livesssssssssssssssssssss!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day

My Christmas day outift was a Hurley long coat. Mainly red but with different colors, True REligion jeans with gold stitching, brown fur boots, a beige shirt underneath, a beige headband, and gold accesories! :]

I hope all of you enjoyed your Christmas if you celebrate it, and if not Happy Holidays to you all.
I can not wait for New Years. I am excited for a new year to begin.
Have you made your new year's resolution yet???

Christmas Eve

My Christmas Eve outfit!
so chic and classy, I loved it! :]
A grey coat with the arms of it wide and some black skinny True Religion Jeans, little balck bootsies and a large black bag. Accesories were gold.


Rings & Bracelets

Jeans & shoes

Close-up on shoes

My coat.

I loved my outfit and it was a very pretty day spending it with loved ones!!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

T'was a night before Christmas!

Hey Lovelies,
Just wnated to wish you all a veryy merry Christmas Eve! Hope you all have a wonderful day filled with lots of joy and happiness!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Most women prefer to trip to hell in high heels than to walk flat-heeled to heaven."

The highly, highly coveted Christian Louboutin for Rodarte spike heels Heels are a gir'ls best friend.
Marylin Monroe once said  something a long the lines of, whoever invented heels owes him a lot.
Heels are amazing and they make any outfit pop put and now with these studs/spikes they are killer.
I am loving these spiked heels.
Love it!!

Victoria Beckham even stepped out in the gorgeous gold ones.

Crazy looking yet sooo HOT and FIERCE!!


Hands Down I'm to proud for love but with eyes shut it's you I'm thinking of"

I love bangles and stacking them, even adding a watch with some bracelets looks lovely.
Multiples and multiples of bangles on a single arm are extravagant!
I'm obsessed!

I also love wearing huge rings with lots of designs and diamonds going on! Love it!


Oui!! Oui Oui!!

Oui, Je parle francais, et toi???
Yes, I speak French and you??
I love France, the culture, the language, the art, the music, the achitecture. Overall it's an amazing place and I love it. This shirt I am wearing onmy outfit resembles a French girl.
I am wearing this black and grey shirt, with balck skinny jeans, long black boots, gold accesories, and my black Arcadia bag!
Oh and of course I can not forget about my black headband with the big flower and feathers along the sides.

J'aime France!

With my heart on the dancefloor

Hey Lovelies!
So last night I went out for a fun night out with the girls! It was fun and just celebrating the Holidays!! Here's what I wore: A black and grey dress, with black tights, black high heels, gold accessories, and a black cluth.

How are you celebrating the holidays??