Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chanel tattoos

Yes, you read it right. Chanel tattoos. This spring temporary Chanel tattoos are the hottest new accessory. These temporary tattoos were first premiered on the Spring 2010 Paris runway and they will become available to all Chanel lover in mid-February of this year. There will be different varieties and desins, some examples are the iconic double C's, rosary beads, chain bracelets and little birds. Chane's temporary tattoo designs are very sweet and coy which is making them a big hit, and they are designed so they could be worn like jewelery and accessories. Now you can add a more rocky edgy look to any feminine style. This new trend is bound to turn heads anywhere.
One of the main purposes for Chanel's temporary tattoos are to help people choose what jewelery they want to wear with their outfit.Since the tattoos only last for a few days you can easily change your tattoo and your look all the time. the cost of these exclusive temporary Chanel tattoos are about $78, and the set includes 55 tattoos with different designs in each set.
This is definitely the beginning of a totally new trend.

What do you think of this new trend??