Monday, January 4, 2010

Dead Disco, Dead Punk, Dead Rock N' Roll

Greetings Loves!
How are you all?? Enjoying the new year?? It's the first Monday of 2010! I must say today was a good day for me, and I hope yours was as well!

Well right now I am currently obsessed with wearing shorts with tights. I love it!
Any type of shorts, denim or any color with some tights!
I love it, it's such a fall outfit. I have always worn tights with shorts, but lately I have been rocking them a lot!
You know when you love a color so much you want to wear it like almost everyday?? lol
Well here's how I have worn them :]

You can wear your short with tights with flats, boots, high heels, or any shoe you like wearing. I wore mine with heels on one outfit and on another I wore them with flast and I also wore leg warmers.  I'll do another look with boots so you can see it as well.

My flats with legwarmers.

Tights, with leg warmers and flats.

Celebs rocking their shorts and tights.

How do you like rocking tights?