Wednesday, January 13, 2010

She Wolf.....awooooo

Hey Loves,
Today was the first day back to school, starting the spring semester. The day was pretty chill, I liked it. After going to school I went to get some Starbucks and just chilled with my sister. Tomorrow is another day of school, and it is going to be a busier one. On Tuesdays and Thursdays my schedule is very hectic so tomorrow I shall see how it goes.
Yesterday, the day before school, I went to sleep early so I could get a good night's rest before beginning school. This whole winter break I have been sleeping late so my sleeping schedule has changed, and now since I starteed school already i have to get it back to how it use to be. So before going to sleep I always pick out my outfit the night before and I leave it extended on my bed so that it can be ready for me to wear the next day. I've always done this routine since I was little. I find it easier to leave your outfit picked out the night before so you won't be rushing in the morning to look through you closet and finding the perfect thing you want to wear.  I love picking out my outfit's, it's exciting for me, since I simply just LOVE fashion. Everything about fashion I just truly adore it.
So here are my pictures of today's outfit.
I am wearinga grey V-neck shirt that says "I heart were wolves" and on the shirt it has a red heart with the head of a were -wolf. For jeans I am wearing my Bebe jeans with studs on the back pockets, long black boots, and gold accesories. Since it was chilly out I wore my black leather jacket and for my purse I wore my black and gold Betsey Johnson purse.

Did any of you start school today?? How was it? What were you most looking foward to?