Friday, January 8, 2010

There are bunnies in the room

Headbands have been a huge trend this year and have been getting re-amped every single time, from flowers, to sequince, to feathers, and flowers, and now the newest headband look are BUNNY EARS.

 Louis Vuitton sent their interpretation of bunny ear headbands down the runway, and it was a hit. This is a specific micro-trend that marries the sexiness of a vintage playboy bunny with the elegance of high fashion. This look of bunny ears can be worn out on the streets. I made sure to get my very own bunny ears and rocked them out on just a regular day out.

When wearing bunny ears
go for a simple up-do, or tousled bed hair, or even sex-kitten voluminous locks. Be fashion-forward, daring, and confident; and most importantly have fun with it.
wear it for a night out, any fun or frivolous day or activity.  DON'T
 wear cheap costume props. The appeal is in the luxury, adding the ears toan outfit is enough already, don't go all out and wear a bunny tail with it.BIG NO.
wear it with outfits that are too girly or too cutesy. The bunny ears are a fine balance between smoldering sexiness and girly innocence which t makes this trend so workable.

 Bunnies are my favorite animal, so I love this new animal inspired headband.
What is your favorite animal?