Monday, February 1, 2010

Book then movie

I enjoy a good book, and a good coffee, with some darn good scenery:]

I love watching movies, I am such a movie junkie, but when movies are written/produced from a book, I have to read it before watching the movie. I like comparing both, and I also love to read I think the books always have such amazing detail.
So I read the book and now I am super anxious to finally watch the movie, and it comes out this Friday! Yay, I am so excited I cannot wait! The book, which was written by Nicholas Sparks, is a really good one. It's a bit of a bitter sweet because it's so pretty, their relationship and all but like all love stories, the ending is always a sad one.
I am excited to see how the movie will turn out! I know it's going to be a really good, not just because of what it is about but because I love the the main actor and actress, who are, Channing Tatum who was in Center Stage, and Amanda Seyfried who was in Mean Girls, and is coming out in another movie I want to see that is coming out in April I believe.

Right after buying my book, I started reading it in the car. No worries I was not driving! Do NOT read & drive :]
Advertisement in a magazine.

Are any of you going to go watch it?
What is one of your favorite books to read?
Feel free to suggest any books, I always love reading anything, especially when someone recommends it! :]