Sunday, February 21, 2010

Valentine's Outfit

For valentine's day i just celebrated with  my parents and sister. We started it off by going to the beach and walking our three little puppies, and after that we went to dinner at Fridays. I love the food there, it's so good.I got some presents too from my parents. I think people now a days have a bad understanding of Valentone's. It's not just a day to celebrate it with your husband or boyfriend, it's a day to spend it with those you love, care about and those that make you happy. :]
What I'm wearing:
*Red silky bebe blouse
*Black leggings with lace on the side
*Paris Hilton black shoes
*Bebe accesories
*Juicy couture blakc bag
*Banana Republic bow headband

How did you guys spend your valentine's?