Friday, April 16, 2010

Indie Photoshoot

Hey loves,
I just wanted to share a few pictures of my 'Indie Photo shoot' done by my friend Daniela wHo is an amazing photographer. I love these pictures and the location was beyond pretty.


Lisa Love

Hey Loves,
So I met Lisa Love the west coast editor of Teen Vogue at JACC, which I went to last week. I still need to blog about that and put up some pictures of JACC so you can all see how it was like. I loved it, it was such an amazing experience, and it was very nice meeting Lisa Love and listening to her talk. She actually has a very unique story on how she got into the business and becoming the west coast editor of Teen Vogue. She was also very nice and humble which I liked a lot.
I love reading a lot of fashion magazines, especially Vogue and Teen Vogue are my favorite so I was very excited that I got to meet her.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Lovelies!
Hope you all had an amazing day.
If any of you experienced the earthquake like I did, I hope your all okay!

These are the cupcakes I baked and decorated with my sister Paris. They were so cute and yummy.
What did your Easter plans consist of?


Cowboy casanova

Hello Lovelies!
I absolutely adore cowboy hats! They're not only pretty but can add an extra touch to any outfit. Hats are like an accessory, you add it to your outfit and it adds more to it, instead of having just a plain simple outfit on you add a hat or some accessories and BAM! it changes the entire look.
I love this shoot. I think it looks so classy and elegant.


Beyond wonderland

Hello Darlings!
Just another day at the beach by the cliffs, soaking up the lovely weather and taking some pictures of the scenery.
I love taking pictures of things. A picture is worth a thousand word,s This is so cliche but it is true.
I love pictures. You can capture any moment or memory with just a single snap of your camera!
My big black rose ring and little moccasins.
Helicopters off in the distance.
Off in the distance a little bird soaking up the sun.
Two crabs getting out from underneath the rocks.
So beautiful.
Look closely and you can see a little whit bird adventuring in the rocks.
Amazing view.
What is one of your favorite things to do? Such as a hobbie?