Thursday, May 27, 2010


Hey Dolls,

So in April, I got to attend JACC, which was held in LA.
JACC is a Journalism Conference with competitions as well as workshops where a lot of Magazine and Newspaper editors talk at. This was my second year going. I went with my school newspaper and it was a lot of fun and I learned a lot.

Arriving at JACC. Wearing something to keep fresh since it was a hot day out. Grey with black details tank, black shorts, and black roman sandals (not pictured).

View from the hotel. I was in a room on the 14th floor, so way up.

Main Hall where most workshops and conferences took place.

Went to Lisa Lova workshop she hosted. She was a good speaker.

At the Corey Miller from LA INK Art Show.

Corey Miller and I. He was so nice, and I also met other cast memebers of LA INK as well as other well-known tattoo artists who were there showing there amazing art work.
Getting ready for the JACC LUAU.

Close-up of my outfit. Floral dress with some gold and brown wedges, and gold accesories.
The green bracelet is the JACC entrance bracelet.

Yummy sushi at Wokcano! MMM :]

Strolling the streets of LA

First time on the Metro. Now that was an adventure.

So much wind from the speed of the Metro.

At Ameoba. Love this record store. They sell everything from Vinyl discs, to CD's to DVD's,tapes, posters. So much good stuff in there.

On our way to the shopping town right acroos from the STAPLES CENTER to eat at the ESPNZONE.
Love the food there.
This was the dress I wore for the Banquet/Awards Ceremony. I will try to post more pictures up of this one.

Overall, JACC was a lot of fun and such an amazing experience. Not everyone at a school's newspaper gets to attend it, so if you get chosen to go it's a really lucky thing. I loved being there and learned a lot.