Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sacramento & Chico trip

Hey Lovelies,
So in early March I went on a trip to Chico, California. It was a lot of fun and way different then where I live. It's such a small town and the scenery is very pretty, it's very "farmy-ish" and super tranquil and quiet. A lot of forest areas. I heard that CSU Chico was a big party school but since I wasn't there to party I didn't see the town get loud or get to experience the party scene there.
I had an early 6am flight so I woke up really early. I had everything packed and ready to leave. I got to the airport, checked my bag in, bought myself a Starbucks coffee and some magazines as well as newspapers and sat down ready to get boarded. I love traveling especially flying places, it's so much fun and it's relaxing too (well if its for a vacation).
Destination was Chico, but we landed at the Sacramento Airport because Chico only has one airport and only little non-commercial planes, are allowed to station there. Anyways we landed in Sacramento and to get to Chico it's a two-hour drive. Very nice ride up there though, as you can see from my pictures the scenery is beyond beautiful.
We get to Chico, check in to our hotel, I take a shower and get ready change into a comfy yet cute outfit, since I knew we had to do a lot of walking to explore the town and check out the California State University Chico campus. Dolled up and ready to go, we go eat at Woodstock's. They had some delicious pizza. Then we go to the campus and explore. I loved it. The campus has a river right in the middle and the architecture of the buildings is so nice. Red-orange bricks that gave it an old but very extravagant feel. At night time we also went to the Farmer's Market that they have there. So many people were there it was a big thing for this small town. It was an experience, and a good one at that.
My trip to Chico was a lot of fun and enjoyed visiting the town as well as the CSU Chico campus. Everyone in town was so friendly and welcoming, I loved it. I got accepted to go there but I am still debating on what school I want to attend.
Well, I would sit here and go into detail about my trip but I have to go so I leave you all with some pictures.

River in the middle of CSU CHICO. So pretty.
Driving to the Scaramento Airport!
At the Scaramento Airport, in search of a Starbucks! lol
Farewell Sacramento :]