Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sophistication at it's finest

Hey Dolls,
How are all of you?
I've been having a good month overall. Just meeting new people, new experiences, learning new things and overall just having fun. I am so happy with what I am doing right now because it's what I want and it makes me happy. I think that when your pursuing a career you should pursue something that you have extreme passion for and that makes you happy. Something that you do with a smile on your face. Just something to think about. You only live once so everything you do should be something you learn from or that makes you happy.
This outfit I am wearing is a black Bebe shirt with brown leggings from Guess. I added this brown with a sort of leopard print belt that is Jessica Simpson to add an extra touch to it and make the brown color in the outfit pop out more. My shoes are black Steve Madden wedges. I just got these shoes and I absolutely love them so much. They are so comfortable and can be worn with almost anything. That is what I love about wedges. I am wearing my black and gold Betsey Johnson bag and my Bebe black and gold accessories.
My hair is up in a ponytail and I am rocking my Franco Sarto black sunnies which I adore.
I hope your all having a lovely week. 4th of July, which is one of my favorite holidays is this weekend. So I am excited about that. What are your plans for this holiday that celebrates our beautiful USA?


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Franco Sarto is Love

Hello Loves,
Well this post here should have been posted a few days ago, but since I have been super busy, I haven't had the chance to blog that much, but I am trying to make time to keep going on a roll with posts.
As you can see from some of the pictures there are purple, yellow, and white balloons from when the Lakers where playing, but as we all know they won their last game and they are now champs! Wooh. Well I went to Saddle Ranch that day to watch the game after school. I absoultely love that restaurant, the food is amazing. Love it.
It was so pretty put so we sat out side to enjoy the weather and the great atmostphere.
I am wearing a grey blazer with little black diamonds on the front, with a black shirt underneath, and some black skinny jeans. For shoes I am wearing my black Steve Madden Flats, and for accesories I am wearing grey Betsey Johnson ones. For my sunnies, I am wearing black Franco Sarto sunglasses, which I am obsessed with, and I have been rocking them since I got them.
Well today is Wednesday. It was such a relaxing day today. I went on a coffee run to Starbucks this morning, then I went to go buy some books. After that I just spent it at home, watched "Material Girls,"played with my little puppies, had lunch, and then got ready.. Nice day. How was your day??
I hope your all enjoying the last days of June.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Couture Doll

Bonjour Dolls, 
I hope you all enjoyed your Father's day yesterday. I sure did. I spent it with my beautiful family and had a Hawaiian themed BBQ. It was such a great way to spend it and to celebrate Father's day. My daddy had an amazing time and he loved all of the gifts we gave him.
Now it's back to Monday, a brand new week. I can't believe the month of June is almost over. It went by pretty fast. I can't wait for July to start, to kick of 4th of July, which is definitely one of my favorite holidays ever.
This look consists of a black and grey blazer. I love blazers so much, as you can see from a lot of my posts, I have definitely been killing it with all of these blazers. I love them because their so versatile and it's a look you can wear almost anywhere. Super chic! I am wearing a black shirt underneath with Bebe capri pants that are black with grey stripes. For shoes I am wearing my black Betsey Johnson heels with a bow on the side. I love the bows on the side because the shoes alone are really elegant but the bow adds a very feminine touch. J'aime. I am wearing my black Arcadia purse, which matches everything and everything fits in there. I like to carry a few magazines and a book to do some light reading whenever I fins myself with some free time. For accessories I am wearing black and silver with the biggest accessory being my favorite watch, which is from Betsey Johnson. Love love.
Well right now I am working on an article. I have been writing a lot this summer and getting my work published so I am extremely happy about that. I love writing.
I hope you all have an amazing Monday.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Black & White

Bonjour Dolls!
How's everyone doing? Happy Thursday! After today, my weekend begins! Yay! I've been so busy lately that I have no time to tweet that much, but I still try to do my daily blog posts. 
So here I am wearing a black with white striped about 1/4 of an inch sleeve shirt with a big black bow on the upper left side. I decide to pair this top with some white capris so that the black in the shirt could stand out more. For shoes I am wearing black Steve Madden flats, which are not only very versatile they are also super comfortable and that's why I love them. As for my bag I am wearing my black ruffled with gold Betsey Johnson purse.For accessories I decided to wear a mix of gold and black. I opted for gold and black rather than silver because I think that if I would've paired this ensemble with silver accessories, it would've looked a bit dull. I am also wearing my red Buddha bracelet that I always wear, and my red kabbalah bracelet, that I always wear as well. I always wear these two red bracelets no matter what. As you all know I am infatuated with buddhas. Not many people wear buddhas, It's very rare to see people flaunting a Buddha accessory, but I have always loved them since a young age, and I always grew up around the statues and I love learning about Buddhism as well. Both my sister and I have always loved buddhas. Now a days Buddhas have become more a trend which is why you might see some people flaunting them, but for me it has always been more of a personal interest/love. My hair I am wearing it wavy and down.
I went to Panera to have some yummy lunch. As you can see from the pictures. They have some amazing sandwiches and broccoli soup, which is one of my favorite soups ever, and to drink I got an iced chai. I am such a chai lover. It was a very productive and lovely day, and I wouldn't have had it any other way.
Right now, I am sitting here blogging, sipping on a hot green tea with honey and watching Game 7 of the Lakers vs. Celtics. So far it's bee a good game. The score as of now is Lakers 45 Celtics 54. I am hooping the Lakers step it up. 
Well off I go to continue enjoying the game and this pleasant night.