Monday, June 21, 2010

Couture Doll

Bonjour Dolls, 
I hope you all enjoyed your Father's day yesterday. I sure did. I spent it with my beautiful family and had a Hawaiian themed BBQ. It was such a great way to spend it and to celebrate Father's day. My daddy had an amazing time and he loved all of the gifts we gave him.
Now it's back to Monday, a brand new week. I can't believe the month of June is almost over. It went by pretty fast. I can't wait for July to start, to kick of 4th of July, which is definitely one of my favorite holidays ever.
This look consists of a black and grey blazer. I love blazers so much, as you can see from a lot of my posts, I have definitely been killing it with all of these blazers. I love them because their so versatile and it's a look you can wear almost anywhere. Super chic! I am wearing a black shirt underneath with Bebe capri pants that are black with grey stripes. For shoes I am wearing my black Betsey Johnson heels with a bow on the side. I love the bows on the side because the shoes alone are really elegant but the bow adds a very feminine touch. J'aime. I am wearing my black Arcadia purse, which matches everything and everything fits in there. I like to carry a few magazines and a book to do some light reading whenever I fins myself with some free time. For accessories I am wearing black and silver with the biggest accessory being my favorite watch, which is from Betsey Johnson. Love love.
Well right now I am working on an article. I have been writing a lot this summer and getting my work published so I am extremely happy about that. I love writing.
I hope you all have an amazing Monday.