Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Killer Suits

Bonjour Dolls!
Happy Tuesday to all of you! I hope you have all begun your week right.
I am sitting here blogging of course, and watching the Lakers game. Are any of you watching it? I absolutely love the Lakers. Today they are playing the Celtics, and it's the finals. Ahhh I really hope they win.
Anyways, what do you guys have planned for the weekend? Tomorrow is already Wednesday! This week is going by pretty fast. I am excited for these next couple of weeks. This weekend I am definitely going shopping with my sister and spending it with the family since it's Father's Day and just having a lovely day with my beautiful family who love.
This outfit here is one of my favorites. Very casual and chic. I am wearing an Emilio Pucci short sleeve black blazer. I love blazers from Emilio Pucci, they are to die for.I am wearing some black and gray stripped capris from Bebe, a gray shirt underneath and my Paris Hilton grey heels with a bow on the side. For my purse I am wearing my black Arcadia bag and Betsey Johnson silver accessories
I hope you all have a great night.
Thanks for checking out my blog!