Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pearls Bonanza

Bonjour Dolls!
So I started off my lovely day with some Starbucks of course and after that my day began. Such a busy bunny I was going to a lot of different places and getting a lot of stuff done. I've been mentioning that I have been extremely busy lately and this day I was super busy so I didn't take that many pics of my outfit. I made a quick run to Jack In The Box, and tried their new grilled sandwiches that have been shown almost everywhere from billboards to commercials, and so on. So I decided to finally try one for myself and see what it was like. It was very disappointing, I did not like it at all. When I got my bag, I took the sandwich out, unwrapped it and took a look at it. It look good and smelled pretty good too, but I was fooled by the looks and smell. First bite into it, not good at all. In my personal opinion I didn't enjoy it at all. Have any of you guys tried it????? If so, do you agree or disagree with me??? Let me know!!